Chinooks News – June 2021

Summer Schedule Changes – On Hold…

We’re still pending a contract with the City of Moscow to use the Hamilton-Lowe Aquatic Center (HLAC), so we will hopefully know more after June 7th about what our summer schedule will look like.

USMS Summer Fitness Challenge – 2K swim!

Coach Shelly will have us take the 2K Fitness Challenge on Tuesday, June 8th and Wednesday, June 9th. If you want to sign up for the challenge which supports Adult Learn to Swim programs across the U.S. and get some cool schwag, visit

Summer Power Hour

It is also time for another hour swim as a benchmark of our fitness (and/or ability to count our own laps…) Plan to hop right into the pool on Tuesday, June 15th and Wednesday, June 16th to get a full 60 minutes in. Then record your yardage to move Little Chinooki further west toward Tokyo as part of our cooperative goal for 2021.

Farewell to George Spomer

Thanks to everyone who made it to the Farewell to George on May 8th. He’s settled into his new digs in Ellensburg, WA. If you are passing through central Washington, plan a stop to visit for a few minutes. You can also mail greetings to him at [contact Coach Shelly or Paige to get George's contact info.]

Photo of our “still-COVID-cautious” window visit with George. Representing the Chinooks in the blurry double-paned window reflection are Stephan Flores, Paige Buehler, Nate Spain, Asaph Cousins, Glen Murray, Lifeguard Kellan and Virginia Elliott.

Chinooks window visit with George

For fun:

Chinooks News – January 2021 - PART DEUX


Requirements for Swimming in 2021

1. Sign up for practice attendance at

We are limited to 2 people per lane and it helps Coach Shelly plan the workouts and lane spacing.

2. Renew your USMS membership: www/

3. Pay dues this week: $100/trimester

COVID-19 Reminder

When you signed the liability waiver for your USMS membership you agreed to the following (whether you read it or not...)

4.    I acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume the risk that I may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19, or other viral or bacterial infection, while participating in any of the Events, and that such exposure or infection may result in personal injury, illness, permanent disability, and death. I agree that if I have a fever, cough, feel short of breath, have any other symptoms, have knowingly been exposed to a communicable disease such as COVID-19 or have traveled to or from a highly impacted area, I will not attend an Event for at least two weeks after exposure or symptoms have subsided or I have returned from a highly impacted area.  In addition, if I discover I have been exposed to a suspected or positive case of COVID-19 or have tested positive for COVID-19, I will notify the USMS coach or club administrator immediately.

It's tempting to chat when we are on deck even before we’ve put on a mask. Keep it safe!

Virtual Team Challenge

Coach Shelly is hatching a plan for us to complete a virtual swim in 2021. Details are being finalized and will be shared on deck (and in email) this week. Track your warm-up and cool-down yardage and let Shelly know each day.



Chinooks News – January 2021

Practice Schedule 2021 USMS Smarty Pants Vitamins Fitness Challenges

Good job to everyone who completed the Fall 2020 Fitness Challenge to swim One Mile (or 1650 yards) – and bonus kudos to those who took on the traditional November challenge of completing a Brute Squad set by adding a 400 I.M. and 200 Butterfly to it.

2021 Fitness Series stickers have already been ordered and delivered. Next challenge is the Winter Fitness Challenge of a 30-minute swim between February 1-15.

2021 U.S. Masters Swimming Membership RENEWAL and Moscow Chinooks DUES – JANUARY 1

To participate with the Moscow Chinooks you must be a current U.S. Masters Swimming member so that we can rent the UIdaho Swim Center. Please renew your membership at 

While you are doing that, please double check all your contact info and communication preferences. Can’t remember if you renewed already? Check this list.

Dues for Chinooks are still a low $100/trimester ($65 students) and the Spring Trimester fee is due January 4th/5th.

It is also a good time of year to make sure your profile info in our Club Assistant club management is up to date. You can log in at (use the Forgot Password link if you need). If you prefer credit card payment over checks, you can set up a credit card under your profile (see guide pictures). Checks are free to the Chinooks - make payable to MCM or Moscow Chinooks. Credit cards will be billed each cycle until you ask us to put your membership on hold (not something you can do yourself.) Ask Paige if you have questions as this feature is relatively new.

Chinooks News - November 2020

Time to Renew with USMS!

Most of us have U.S. Masters Swimming memberships that expire on Dec. 31 and the membership renewal period for 2021 is now open. Check your email for a personalized email with a personalized link to renew, or go to

Those of you who joined USMS after May 1 have a membership that continues through 2021. You'll see your membership automatically renew in the next 60 days.

3000/6000-yard Postal Event - Kroc Center, CdA on Sunday 11/7 1-3PM

The Kroc Masters in CdA are hosting an opportunity for masters swimmers in our area to swim the 3000-yd or 6000-yd ePostal National event. There are a lot of limits on people swimming at their pools (if at all) so this is a nice offer for a chunk of time to do these longer events. 

Contact Coach Mike Hamm at if you would like to reserve a spot in a lane.

Thanksgiving Break Practice Times

Looks like we are good to swim at regular practice times Mon-Tue-Wed of Thanksgiving week.

No Practice on Thanksgiving or on Black Friday (11/26 & 27)

USMS Fall Fitness Challenge - Tue 11/17 and Wed 11/18

It's a One Mile Challenge this fall and we'll be taking it on the 17th at evening practice and the 18th at morning practice.

You can support the USMS Covid-19 Relief Fund by signing up to take the challenge at The cost is $12 and there's some cool swag.

Plus you want to complete your 3-sticker Fitness Challenge set!

Let Coach Shelly or Paige know if you have any questions. Email is best as we limit time on deck. Thanks!

Chinooks Newsletter - October 2020

Practice Updates - Sharing with Navy ROTC

The UI Navy ROTC program will be testing cadets in groups of 15 on two dates this month.

On the next TWO WEDNESDAY MORNINGS, Please Use the East (office) and South (start end) Benches for your gear.

I've asked NROTC to use the West (scoreboard) benches and UI Vandal Women to use the North (shallow turn end) benches

Wednesday, October 7 - (part 1)

Masters will have Deep Pool Lanes 1 - 4 from 5:30 to 6:30 AM and when ROTC clears Shallow Pool at ~5:40 AM, Masters can use the Shallow Pool.

Wednesday, October 15 - (part 2)

Masters will have Deep Pool Lanes 1 - 4 from 5:30 to 6:30 AM and when ROTC clears Shallow Pool at ~5:40 AM, Masters can use the Shallow Pool.

COVID-19 Protocols at Practices

We're still asking all participants to wear a mask while dry (on deck & in the shower/changing rooms) and to stay 6 feet apart to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. Paige signed a statement along with our contract with the University of Idaho that Chinooks as a facility user would do this. So keep doing the right things right!

We'd like your input on your perception of how things are going at practices and what concerns you have. Please take this 4-question survey by October 15.


We'll be sending outstanding invoices separately. If you receive one, please bring your payment to practice. Checks made out to "MCM" are best; cash works but make sure it gets into an envelope with your name on it. If you receive this email and you're not swimming with us, please reply and we'll put your membership On Hold. - Thanks! -

Chinooks Newsletter – August 2020

Practice Schedule - Note Changes

MWF – 5:30-6:30 AM at University of Idaho Swim Center

Tu/Th – 5:30-6:45 AM at Hamilton-Lowe Aquatic Center THRU Thursday, August 20th

Tu/Th – Evenings start Tuesday, August 25th 6:00-7:00 PM at University of Idaho Swim Center (3 lanes)

Sign up to swim … August 24 thru September 14

We’re heading into another inflection point – everyone coming back from vacations ready-ish for whatever this school year will look like. And we’re transitioning from Outside Tu/Th to Evenings Tu/Th. We want to make sure there is minimum deck time and maximum swim time, so we will do sign ups for Morning and Evening practices and assign spots.

Morning Practice Sign-up:

Evening Practice Sign-up:

  • Assignments made on a weekly basis, usually on Sundays
  • Warm up in your assigned lane; if needed we’ll shuffle after warm ups.
  • Please Arrive On Time. It is hard to integrate someone into a lane where the swimmers have already agreed to split.
  • If you just show up without signing up during transition, you’ll get the leftover spots. Be flexible!
  • Please honor Shelly’s time spent on lane assignments by signing up and keeping your commitments.
  • Practices continue past Sept 14th; we'll decide if we need to continue sign-ups prior to that.
Membership Options, Dues and Policies on Payments & Participation

Dues for Fall Trimester are due September 1.

This item will get a detailed message toward the end of August, but here are the bullet points:

  • Monthly is now a membership option for $30/month ($20 student)
  • Monthly dues must be paid by credit card automatically billed on the first of each month
  • You must contact us ( PRIOR TO THE FIRST OF THE MONTH to have your Chinooks membership put On Hold or Inactive to suspend billing for the following month. Just telling us on deck won’t work unless you watch us make the change on our phones and you won’t have record of notifying us.
  • If you participate in a month, you pay for the month
  • If you participate in a trimester, you pay for the trimester (still a low $100 or $65 student) with proration at the halfway mark in the trimester to half the rate
  • Credit card payment is an option for trimester but we still prefer checks. Ask Paige or Tom L. if you want more info.
Parking Permits

Apply for all UI parking permits ONLINE. Current permits EXPIRE on Monday, August 17.

  2. Select - Order Permits
  3. Select - Annual Permits for Students/Staff/Faculty (even if you are a community member!) (students/staff/faculty should login first)
  4. Select - 21 Commuter/OE (cost is still $15 or free to add on if you buy an annual permit)
  5. Add in the vehicles you might take to the swim center
  6. Select "Mail" for delivery
  7. Put in mailing address
  8. Justification - "Masters Swimming"
  9. Pay online using the UIdaho Marketplace payment site; click all the way through until you are returned to the Parking Services page with a receipt.
Process for New Members and Returning Members

Chinooks does most of its advertising through word of mouth. Thank you so much!

During these times when we need to take special care in spacing swimmers out both on deck and in the pool, we would like prospective Chinooks to contact Coach Shelly and Paige by email first ( – goes to both of us) so that we can ensure they know what the deck and pool protocols are and can come try us out on a day when there is enough space in the pool.

Returning members should also let us know prior to returning to the pool. We’ll make sure you have the info you need and that the lane space is available.

Virtual National Championships – August 12 - 23

Of course you want to be part of this - all the cachet of being part of a USMS national championship event without any of the travel cost! Besides, FREE is always a good price! See the separate message specific to how this virtual event works. We’ll be doing events during MWF practices week of Aug 17, so sign up anyway!